Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rudy, Rudy, RUDY!

I can almost hear the chanting in the stands! Can't you? What an amazing story... and if you have not seen Rudy, I highly suggest you go watch it right about, now:)

Rudy Ruettiger was one of the many people in "You've Got to Read This Book". Off the top of my head I can't recall which book was life-altering for him, but I do remember a quote he gave in his short essay- that could inspire anyone- especially coming from a man who has been there and done what was thought to be the impossible.

"To this day, they haven't made a movie about Joe Montana, one of the greatest
football players in the world- yet they made a movie about Rudy. Why? Because what people want to see- even more than the greatness in others- is the greatness possible in themselves. Every one of us uses our mind to create our life. My story can be your story- if you are willing to swim against the stream, fight against the odds, and believe you can be whatever you want to be. " - Rudy Ruettiger

So, there you have it. Straight from the mouth of Rudy Ruettiger! So, what are you waiting for??
Swim against that stream, fight against those odds, and MOST of all believe that YOU can be whatever YOU want to be.