Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dream BIG!

Chet and I both dream of having an absolutely beautiful home library someday, chalk full of great inspiring books. Starting in 2007, it has been my resolution to read 52 books a year. I did not realize that I would fall in love with reading. I was never a reader growing up, no matter how much my mom tried to get me to read! It just would not work- I did not think reading was "cool" and therefore tried to stay away from it. The book I am reading now is called, You've Got to Read this Book: 55 People Tell the Story of the Book That Changed Their Life put together by Jack Canfield and Gay Hendricks

As I have been reading, I will recommend certain books to my friends, that I really, really enjoyed, and that I thought were "life altering". However, some of them seemed to love the books while others just thought that they were ok. While reading this book, I came across a quote by Bernie Siegel that says it all.

"To be honest, I really don't believe any book can change your life- only you can. Look, two people read the same book: One is inspired while the other is bored. It's the person- not the book- that creates the transformation."

This is precisely why we can read the same book over and over and depending where we are in our lives, we will notice something else about it, and learn from it in a different way.

It has been fascinating to read the book titles that have changed these peoples lives. Each and every person in the book is prominent in the world today. They all started off in a similar place in their hearts and minds, and when they came across a certain book, it just had that "click" for them and they were able and willing to change and make themselves better and grow. Everyone has a different book too!

My life changing book as of right now is, Wins, Losses and Lessons: An Autobiography by Lou Holtz

My favorite quote from his book is:

"Coaching gives one a chance to be successful as well as significant. The difference between those two is that when you die, your success comes to an end. When you are significant, you continue to help others be successful long after you are gone. Significance lasts many lifetimes. That is why people teach, why people lead, and why people coach."

-- Lou Holtz

When I read that statement I knew I wanted to lead a life of significance!

Now it is your turn, I want to know about the book that changed your life.