Monday, March 3, 2008

A Newsletter recieved from "The" - very inspirational

I've just re–discovered a YouTube video that reveals the secret to success in your job hunt… or anything else in life. Now, you may have seen this before, but give me just 2 minutes and 44 seconds this crisp March Monday morning, and have a look at this video.

No matter how many times I watch this video, it gets me every time. That, Readers, is the secret to success in your job hunt, your life, or anything else you've ever wanted to do, accomplish, or be.

I'd like to ask you to really think about Jason McElwain today.

I'd like to ask you to really think about what he's gone through in his life – folks telling him he's different, he's handicapped, he's not able to do things the other kids do.

Everybody had their little box; their little box into which they put their preconceived idea of what Jason was capable of and what Jason could be.

And maybe sometimes we all feel like we're in that little box. Maybe sometimes we all get pigeon–holed or typecast or put down a path that we didn't choose. Maybe that's why you found your way here to us and to this newsletter; because you didn't feel that the box that other people had come up with really represented you or what you are capable of becoming. You didn't feel that that box was fair.

And that's what I'd really like for you to think about today, Readers, because Jason McElwain is here to teach you something. The lesson of Jason McElwain that we've shared this morning is… there is no box.

There are no preconceptions or typecasting or opinions that can ever change who you are. Those are other people's thoughts, other people's errors.

And if you have it within you – if you have the talent, or the dream, or the desire, or the smarts, or the capability – if you have it within you, other people's words are just smoke drifting by in the mid–day breeze. They can't change you or stop you.

The lesson of Jason McElwain that we've shared this morning is that there is nothing stopping you; there is nothing that can hold you back; there is nothing that you can't achieve if only you know you can achieve it.

So please, Readers, let's be humble. Let's be humble today and learn from Jason McElwain.

Sure, as a subscriber to this $100k+ jobs newsletter you are in the top 10% of the American workforce today, and in the top 1% of all successful professionals across the globe. But, today, let's be humble, and let's learn just this one lesson from a determined, enthusiastic, amazing, beautiful kid in upstate New York…

There's nothing stopping us – nothing at all.

Warmest Regards,
Marc Cenedella
Marc Cenedella
Founder & CEO, Inc.