Sunday, February 17, 2008

We are all the same!

My husband and I have watched a few movies over the past couple of weeks. One of those movies was Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix and another was Pursuit of Happyness. In Harry Potter, Harry, said something very profound. He was giving a mini "peptalk" to the other wizards in his class, and he said, "Every great wizard started out as nothing more than what we are now.......if they can do it, why not us?"

Then why not us?? We all started off in the same exact place- we all start out as little babies, who are innocent, loving, happy, and have joy for life. Yet, some are able to carry out their dreams, and others don't. Yes, we can say we all start out the same, but we all grow up in different circumstances, and we have different backgrounds, different people in our lives, etc.... While all of these definitely play a part in who we are and in our story- it does not determine what we make of ourselves and where we go from here. That is up to you- not where you lived where you were growing up, if you grew up poor or rich, etc.... You just have to put the work in, you have to really want it to get it, you have to really believe in what it is that you want and then drive it home. I'm sure we all know someone who grew up with very important parents who were both Doctors or scientists, etc.... and they got everything they ever wanted and yet that have not done anything with their life, and just taken everything for granted. On the other hand- I'm sure we all know someone who came from a background where you would never imagine them in the prominent place they are today.

This brings me to the Pursuit of Happiness. Chris Gardner was a man who invested into a business that seemed very promising at the time. He lost practically everything he had... and you always wonder, where do I go from here- how can I get to being "on top" again. The good news- is, when you are down like that, there are only 2 options, stay where you are, or get back up, dust yourself off and get hustling. Chris decided to do just that- he went above and beyond what any normal person would do. He waited every morning and said hi to the man he was trying to impress, etc...

In "Living Life on Purpose" by Greg Anderson he quotes Robert Brown saying, "You have to become what I call a 'tenth miler.' If anybody wants you to go an extra mile, in terms of hard work, go ten miles, and most of the time you're not going to have anyone even close to you." That is what Chris Gardner did- that is what most successful people have to do, they have to put themselves out there and out on the line and just keep going when the going gets tough.

So, remember- that YOU can be whatever You want to be, YOU can go wherever YOU want to go. We all started from the very beginning- and it is up to US, to where we will end up. Where are YOU going to end up? Decide today- and TAKE ACTION!! Good luck and HAVE FUN!:)