Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Just 15 minutes...............

Yesterday I posted about overcoming your fears and just doing what you have always wanted to do. Today- I want you to get a step closer. It isn't necessarily a fear that is stopping you, but more of a time issue-- "Oh, I can't start this project because it will take all day, so I'll just wait until I finish these other things, and get to that later", then the "later" never comes. Or, you feel intimidated by the project or moving forward and you just wait until you are "in the mood". This is where I bring in my 15 minute rule. I adapted this rule from The Flylady, at At first, this rule was for cleaning a certain area of my house, that I really didn't want to, and I would start with 15 min. a day. More often then not, that 15 min. got me over my "fear" and I would keep going, and it wasn't as bad as I had originally thought. Since that time- I have applied that 15 min. rule to a bunch of different "roles" in my life. Right now actually, I have set the timer for 15 min. - which means, I have 15 min. to write this post. It gets me in, it gets me out, and I feel accomplished and then I feel I can move onto other things. Sometimes it takes just a small accomplishment, to help us tackle the bigger things in life. It makes us feel like we can actually do it! We say to ourselves- wow I can do this?! What else can I do? I bet I could do this too.... and then you go for it. Time is ticking. :)